Puerto Vallarta Escorts Erotic Massages
Vallarta Escort of the Masseuse Flavor
As a Vallarta escort masseuse, you have to be careful sometimes with the company you keep. Sometimes you work around women who are always doing drugs and drinking and get into a lot of trouble as a result. Other times, you’re around people so damaged and f#*ked up, they wouldn’t know an honest person from a killer. This business can be hard on people, especially here in Puerto Vallarta where some shit can happen if you don’t have YOUR shit together. But I work a tight business over here these days, and I don’t employ anyone except myself to keep it that way. Plus it lets me have all the horny men in this town to myself! :)

My number is 322-182-6674 if you’d like a happy ending massage. I’ve been giving them for a long time now, I’m really good at them, my massage technique is sharp and I can work the knots out of your back, plus I’m friendly and I like talking. So call me up and have me come over!
Looking forward to it,
xox Juanita :)
Which Girl: The Hot One, or The Technically Skilled One?
This is a very interesting article about a gal trying to figure out which girl to hire to work in her erotic massage parlor. Seriously, go read it.
for your viewing pleasure

It interests me because this is something I think about a lot. There are a lot of cooperating AND sometimes competing forces at work when it comes to erotic massage: the desire to relax your muscles and be relaxed, the desire to get aroused and cum, the desire to have sex, the fantasizing about being with the girl who’s got her hands all over you… there’s a lot going on!
When it gets down to it, some guys learn more toward the “massage” end of erotic massage in their preference and will choose a more technically proficient masseuse over the object of desire of men who lean to the opposite end of the spectrum—the “erotic” end: a super hotty who turns them on like hell, but who may not be quite as skilled at massage (and who gives a f#*k! in their eyes).

I’m curious: who would YOU choose if you were going to get an erotic massage right now?—the hot masseuse, or the skilled masseuse who is just average looking or perhaps even a bit chunky?
Let me know—I really want to know what you’re thinking!
Puerto Vallarta Massage: When It Rains, It Pours
The first day of summer finally arrived yesterday, and along with it came the first day or rain. And it didn’t just rain—it was freaking Niagara Falls. Crazy weather.

And just as the clouds seem to know what time of year it is, my clients also have an uncanny, clear idea of what they want from their erotic masseuse: a hot young Latina girl to show up on time, with no surprises, give them the best hour-long professional massage they’ve ever had, and then have one of the best orgasms they’ve had in years. They don’t want any hassles from some cold bitch squabbling over more money, and they don’t want anyone to find out about their little vacation from the wife or girlfriend with me.
And this is part of why I think it’s raining customers for me right now!—I show up on time, with no surprises (what you see in my photos is what you get), there’s no hassles over money, I’m clear and upfront and transparent with the way I run my massage service, and I give you exactly what you’re looking for and make you very, very happy :)

If that sounds good, give me a call at 322 182 6674 the next time you’re in Puerto Vallarta, and book one of my Puerto Vallarta escorts erotic massages.
Happy Ending Escorts Vallarta: The Scoop From This Week
The escorts Vallarta happy ending massage scene is always changing, and this week has been a little nutty with the fallout of the Puerto Vallarta Escorts washing up on my metaphorical massage door step. Lots of unusual requests, lots of horny men wanting me right now, and lots of work for me. You can read the full story here; http://www.puertovallartaescorts.co/puerto-vallarta-escorts/happy-ending-massage-escorts-vallarta

Speak soon,
-Juanita Rosas
Strippers Make Lousy Masseuses
Reading one of C.J’.s latest posts, I found myself nodding in agreement again and again:
I’m looking for a girl who’s gonna show up on time and do her best not to lose any customers. To be honest, strippers typically make lousy masseuses. They’re never on time, and they always skip their shifts when the club calls.

In my experience, strippers know shit about giving a real massage. Of course, it can’t possibly be true that they all suck at giving massages, but seriously about 97% blow chunks at it. I have yet to get a decent massage from any of my female stripper friends, and I’ve heard the same from at least one hundred of my clients. 
Seems some only get beaten with the beauty stick, while little ‘ol me here at the Puerto Vallarta escorts erotic massage service was massively lucky enough to be born with both insane “manual” skill and hot Latina beauty!

P.S: You should read C.J.’s blog: it’s full of fascinating insight behind the scenes of the happy ending massage industry…
Escort Service Puerto Vallarta - It’s Good To Be Me!
Running an escort service Puerto Vallarta allows me a great deal of freedom. I get to run around the Banderas Bay, whack guys off, and have fun while making a bit of money. There’s not a lot of jobs where you can claim to have so much fun!
Read more about it on the Puerto Vallarta escorts blog, linked above!
Escorts Vallarta Erotic Massage Tip of The Week
This week’s escort Vallarta massage tip (for helping those lovely ladies wishing to become erotic masseuses): pay attention to how you and your massage environment smell.  Check it out:

I can’t tell you how many masseuses I’ve been to lately who don’t pay attention to how they smell!  Especially now that it’s really getting hot and everyone is sweating—especially a masseuse who’s working in a room with no AC!—it’s a huge faux paw.  So don’t make this mistake yourself: take care of your hygene, your perfume, light some incense, and keep your massage room clean and spelling good.
*A note on perfume: don’t overdo it.  You want to smell good, not like you just walked out of the $5 make-me-a-hooker beauty store.  Entiendes?—bueno.

Speak soon!
xoxo Juanita
An Erotic Massage Tip: Scents Make A Difference!
How many times have I been to a massage parlor where they take care of your shoulders, your neck, your back, and all your muscles, but they forget to do something about that STINK in the room that’s ruining the experience for anyone with half a functioning nostril?—too many.

Working as an erotic masseuse in Puerto Vallarta, I’ve learned that you need to go the extra mile if you want your massages to be great, and one of the ways you do that is by burning some incense and making sure you shower before each massage and wear a nice, light perfume (and make sure you don’t overdo it on the perfume.)
By just doing this, my customers often compliment me on how relaxing and enjoyable their time with me was, and how they love the way I smell, and how great it is to spend an hour in this relaxing space that smells so good.

I’m telling you: a good smell in your massage space goes a long way toward getting better tips, girls.  Keep that in mind!
The escorts in Puerto Vallarta are everywhere today!
I’ve been busy lately in my Puerto Vallarta escorts “masaj” business—yes, that’s how some of my customers spell it in their emails to me ;)
It makes me feel a little about all the escorts in Puerto Vallarta I see walking around without customers. Here I am flourishing with my little one woman operation, but many others aren’t as fortunate. I share my thoughts on this in that linked article and I invite you to check it out if you want the inside scoop on the Vallarta escorts scene.

Until next time, here’s a pic on one of my fellow beautiful girls:

Puerto Vallarta Girls
The masseuses in Puerto Vallarta can be amazing if you get just the right one, and the Puerto Vallarta girls know how to take care of men better than most I have seen in Mexico, and I’ve been living here for over twenty years now.  I’m a bit meticulous when it comes to giving and receiving a good erotic massage, so believe me when I say that finding a good erotic massage in Puerto Vallarta and the surrounding area can take a bit of work if you don’t know the area well and you don’t know how to call.
Fortunately for you, I started my Puerto Vallarta escorts erotic massage business a while back and things have only been getting more intensely erotic, more relaxing, and more satisfying for my happy ending massage clients.

So much so that I’ve decided to to start giving tips to other women who want to break into the industry along side me.  You wouldn’t believe how many women I get chatting with ask me how to give a good erotic massage and what the secrets are and this and that: to them I earnestly try to help them out and suggest a few things, but honestly it’s pretty simple: just imagine you’re going to have sex with the guy without actually having sex with him.  Have sex without genitals being involved.  If you do that, you’ll get there and make some good things happen, and your man will be intimately satisfied I am willing to bet.  To help these women out, I’m starting a little video series with simple tips on the basics of giving a good sexy massage, and here’s the first installment:

Anyway, the whole Puerto Vallarta escorts massage scene is really picking up as the late spring visitors filter back.  There are some days right now where Vallarta looks pretty baron in the way of tourists and visitors, but it can be packed on other days.  I guess the body tide comes and goes with the cruise ships, and so does my business at times. Se la ville, no?  Hehe, I’ll talk to you naughty readers again soon, xoxo, Juanita Rosas